About the Film


OK, so you’ve survived your teens; moving out of your parents’ house, college exams (you may even have a degree, if you stopped partying long enough to get one), and here you are, in your twenties, with the face of an adult and the heart of a child, with your whole life, Real Life, ahead of you. You’re clearly out of your depth and you’re scared because things aren’t really working out right now, but you still have your dreams, and you’re not going to let them go just yet-no matter what.

You could be any of the characters in TURBULENCE.

You could be ADRIAN, boy-genius, the Mozart of Rock, who knows packed stadium tours and chart-topping albums are right around the corner, as long as his band fall in line and do what he says.Or you could be his girlfriend, DILLAN, a beautiful and gifted designer, who’s starting to wonder lately where she fits into Adrian’s life. She’s just one last missed date away from getting her act together and moving on with her own…. You could beROSIE, who’s just left her village with a suitcase full of dreams, woefully unfashionable clothes and the complete works of Jane Austen, to find love and happiness in the big city.

Or KEITH, Rosie’s new boss, the high strung manager of The Hare and Hounds, a music venue that’s one more bad season away from bankruptcy unless Keith can find something truly special, and quickly. You could even be RUSSELL, the Hare and Hound’s misguided sound tech, who truly believes he is an undiscovered genius of the DJ world, and who everyone believes to be the worst thing that happened to sound since the invention of farting. Or, if you’re really, really lucky, you could be Russell’s flat mate, CHRISTIAN, the dashing New Age guru, midlands Don Juan and naked Tai-Chi master who seems to get anything he wants, just by thinking it…. When Keith launches a Battle of The Bands competition, to find the Hare and Hounds’ next house band, he unwittingly sets in motion a series of events that will put these twenty-somethings, and all their dreams, and hopes and insecurities to the test. Will they buckle under the pressure or will they learn that sometimes, what seems insurmountable, what feels like your life falling apart, is only Turbulence?


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