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Tomorrow will see the launch of ‘Bikefilm by name, Bikefilm by nature’. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love riding my bike. It has to be one of life’s simplest and greatest pleasures. My twitter name is @bikefilm. For a while now I have been wondering how to bring these two things together. How far would it be possible to make a movie using only bikes? Last year we shot our no-budget film ‘Turbulence’ almost entirely within walking distance of my house and the Hare and Hounds. It worked brilliantly, certainly for people. But when it comes to moving equipment, you need wheels. So tomorrow, I will be doing just that. Moving equipment using only my bike. As with all things, I will be starting small. Tomorrow is ADR day at John Catlow’s dubbing suite in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham. As well as recording actors voices for those lines that are ‘off mic’, we need to record a section of guitar for the final gig scene. Now, I am currently the keeper of Jay Somerville’s beautiful acoustic guitar. My proposal is that I shall carry it on my back, on my bike, from Kings Heath to the Jewellery Quarter. Jay, if you are reading this, I shall ride very, very, very carefully! At the end of the day, I shall return it to the bossom of Kings Heath, where Jay resides. Now, you may say, what’s the big deal? I say, it’s the principal that counts. If you can make a point of using your bike in Brum – motor city, then people can do it anywhere. It would be easy to put the guitar in the boot of the car, pay the petrol and the parking fees and pump some CO2 into the atmosphere. But when I looked through tomorrow’s logistics, I realised an alternative. The strap on the guitar case is good, it fits neatly on my back, I am capable of riding slowly. Most importantly I don’t forfeit a day in the saddle. So, wish me luck and look out for more Bikefilm events. Hopefully, this is just the start!


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