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This morning I, bikefilm (Michael) set off early, by bike of course, to head out to the Shropshire countryside and a meeting with the formidable Natasha Carlish. At New Street station I bumped into one of our Turbulence partners Stephen Simms (head of the Birmingham School of Acting), just after making my cake selection in M and S. He asked if I intended to ride all the way to Shrewsbury. I said no, the train will take the strain. I had no idea of what lay ahead other than we need a plan to get this film out there and finished. A tiny number of people have seen the movie and its very rough, but already it seems that the vibe that was there on the shoot has translated into the cut and it’s working. What we need is to get the bugger out there. And that’s the fascinating thing about mine and Natasha’s partnership. Its only when we get together that things fall into place. Suddenly on arrival in Shrewsbury it seemed obvious what we need to do. Now we have a timescale, a budget and a plan to get through the final (and like reaching any summit) maybe the hardest part of the film. Here we go!!

So just a few words from me (I’m the formidable one…) if you are reading this and you want to be a part of helping us reach the summit sign up and become a friend on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and keep checking into this site for news, updates, competitions and soon-to-be-released clips of the film. We need to raise money to finish the film which may be as little as £10,000 and as much as £62,000. If you can help in anyway please e-mail me Natasha@dreamfinder.net . Businesses can make their investment work by reducing tax bills.

Keep watching for exciting developments and soon the first of the competitions, clips and even a trailer!

Natasha & Michael


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