Where it all began

So clearly my resolution to post something on the site every week in 2011 has already fallen at the first fence because I meant to post this last week and found that time eluded me!!

So having had a great screening to one potential completion financier before Christmas we are now in full drive to secure enough finance to finish the film. By pure coincidence as I write this I have just received a call from a consultant about this very thing!

Anyways in the bid to move forward I started thinking about where it all began-in Maison Mayci in Kings Heath in Birmingham, November 2009, with Michael and me having a coffee and a chat and deciding that the best way to understand the power of social media was to go out and make a film using social media to develop the characters and also to garner and grow an audience.

When we thought about what resources were available to us we thought about Birmingham School of Acting because we both had a history with them and also we knew we would be able to find a group of committed fresh talent who were ready to take the risk and embrace this way of filmmaking. What we did in this sense was nothing new because the great Mike Leigh has been using the technique of developing a script from improvisation for some time. However our difference is that we used social capital as our currency rather than hard cash and we also used social media, Facebook, as a development tool. But in essence the principle is fundamentally the same.

In another coincidence I was just thinking about all of this when I received an e-mail from one of the actors, James, who plays Keith with a link to a clip of the great Jim Broadbent and Lesley Manville talking about the development process of “Another Year”-if you want to know what it feels like for an actor to work in this way you can read the posts of some of our actors but its also great to watch this:

I hope my resolution to do a post every week holds up-I feel sure that this year will be a very exciting one for TURBULENCE.

In the mean time if you’re reading this and you know anyone who may want to invest in this innovative and irresistible project then get them to contact me: Natasha@dreamfinder.net

Ciao for now!



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