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The film awards season is now beginning in earnest. BAFTA have published their long list, from which the 6,000+ membership will choose the nominees and then the winners. I’m one of the voters. The trade press say that less films have been made this year but those completed are of higher quality. Having less films to consider is certainly a blessing and I have to say I’m really enjoying my movies at the moment. But, the big question – how am I going to vote? Tricky, with a lot of good films on offer. I think in my top three though contains two films based on true stories, the third is directed by a Brit in his 70th year. Can you guess the films?

One of my day jobs whilst we are making ‘Turbulence’ is running a Thursday evening film course at The Midland Arts Centre or MAC. To celebrate the awards season, I am going to dedicate each week to a different category. There’ll be evenings on cinematography, actors, script, costume etc. I’m hoping to include special guests and even a special awards ceremony on the final night!

So what do the awards actually mean? For me I’d say being nominated is the most significant thing and being on that list year in, year out certainly does no harm to a career. The actual winner is much more of a lottery and ultimately less significant. Also there tends to be the lean towards one film picking up nearly all the prizes. Whilst this makes a good news story, I have to say I do think it’s a shame and generally doesn’t reflect what’s out there. For my own work, I tend to think about the words of Martin Scorsese, famous for not winning an oscar for most of his career. He always said its not the prizes that matter but being able to make the next film. Here’s to that.

So, I’m off to vote! You can see the BAFTA ‘long list’ using the link below, these will become nominees, and after a third round of voting, winners. Can you see any of your favourites from 2010?,65,BA.html

Also check out MAC’s evening courses and of course, our film Turbulence. We are now looking for completion finance of £75,000. if you know someone who might like to invest, please ask them get in touch. Businesses can invest in the film and offset this against corporation tax before April 6th 2011.

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