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After 2 months of ferocious edit activity, the waiting is over and we have a first cut of TURBULENCE ready to be viewed tonight at Aquila HQ. I cannot contain my excitement and luckily I am so busy producing on Doctors that there’s not much time to get too nervous or analytical.

What makes this experience very different from my point of view is that up until this point I have not been at all involved in the editing process. In fact the last time that I saw any material at all was half way through the shoot when I sat with the mighty Nat viewing rushes and licking my lips at some of the wonderful performances. Usually a producer will sit in on some of the edit and the view a first cut prior to showing it to financiers and commissioners. However this time we are the financiers and commissioners and therefore it’s been important to keep away from the process to be able to come to the viewing with fresh eyes today.

What makes this process different from Michael’s point of view is that he has been editing by himself without an editor and it’s a huge credit to him that he has brought the cut to this point. I am so hoping that we have something amazing on our hands and that this evening I will see the huge potential that I believe TURBULENCE truly has.

The next stages of this exciting journey will be to continue to refine the cut and build on the social media campaign until we get to a point where we have both a cut and a fan base we are really happy with. Then we will approach “completion financiers” in the form of sales agents/distributors/SWM/Film 4/BBC Films/private finance to invest the money in to complete the film. Once this is done we can aim to get the film into a highly prestigious festival……I think we are all dreaming of Sundance 2012……….Watch this space and for my next post of course an insight into what I saw, felt and thought when I finally saw TURBULENCE come together for the first time!

Natasha 3.11.10



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