My shortest film ever is a prize winner!

I have just found myself in the peculiar situation of simultaneously making my longest and shortest film. My longest film is ‘Turbulence’, which you will be familiar with from previous blogs. It currently weighs in at 2 hours – the assembly edit. The assembly is your very first edit, basically an ‘assembly’ of all the scenes, in the order of the script. It’s as rough as Desperate Dan’s chin but basically offers you a starting point out of all of those hours of material. I’m now looking at it to see how well the story works, bringing down the length through tightening and deleting scenes and adding in music. There’s a lot of music. I decided that the best way to deal with such a length is to take it 15 minutes at a time. So far it seems to be working!

This is all in marked contrast to my shortest film – ‘How to Speak Big Cat’. This is a one take wonder, me and my daughter pretending to be lions –  shot and edited in 30 minutes on a flip camera and running at a mere 55 seconds. I made it for a competition – Land Rover and Biosphere’s ‘Go Beyond’ with the prize a place on an expedition to Namibia. Well, after being put through my paces on a selection day involving driving Land Rovers down rivers, imagining scenarios like being stranded in the desert and spotting lifesize cardboard cut outs of Zebras in the Herefordshire countryside (to name but a few tasks), I am glad to say that they have decided to put me on the plane! Yahoo! Thanks to little C, Aquila TV, Land Rover and Biosphere.

Michael B Clifford – Director

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