The next phase

The summer has almost passed and the Turbulence shoot is but a distant memory but it was really exciting to receive so many mails, tweets and posts about how much cast and crew were missing it and how excited our growing fan base is to see something. Earlier this week Julia, Caroline, Michael and I had our first official post production meeting and we were all grinning at some of the ideas we have for the next phase. The edit officially begins next Monday and we hope to have a good cut by Christmas. In the mean time we are keen to continue to grow our fanbase and we’ll release clips and footage as soon as we have something cut. There is talk of a special gig in January featuring some of the music from the film and a campaign to raise awareness of all the incredible collaborators we worked with from Byzantium Restaurant to the Hare & Hounds, from Soul Food to The Riding School.

And then there’s Hollywood where a certain Grande Frommage has read our one page selling document penned by the might Stavros Pamballis, screenwriter extrordinaire, and has checked out this site and really wants to see a cut when we have one…..

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