The Scholars

“The Scholars began with me and my brother way back in 2007. We wrote some songs and got picked up by a local producer who recorded some decent demo’s in early 2008. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength and now have a fully formed 5 piece band which gig regularly around Oxford, London and Birmingham. We’re really lucky to have been championed by the BBC and the opportunities we’ve had with some bands we really admire. It was a dream to have worked with Michael and Natasha who were so passionate about the music we write that they named the film after our debut single “Turbulence.” As a band we feel incredibly proud that our music has managed to capture the attention of not only successful musicians but BAFTA award winning directors. Since the filming we’ve been signed by an Indie Label and will be releasing our debut EP in the near future..Lets see what the future holds!” Adrian Banks.

Turbulence the film will feature the music of The Scholars

From the lyrics of Turbulence – The Scholars debut single on YouTube


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