The Characters

David Alwyn – Christian Waits 

David was born and raised in Nottingham, up a tree, on the abandoned set of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. It was here that he discovered his passion for acting, reading the abandoned notebooks of Alan Rickman, which are now, sadly lost to time. After a short spell touring Europe (sleeping on trains until ejected by the conductors whistle, doing odd jobs for natives in return for meals and perhaps a bed), David felt the time had come to take the first step along the long and painful journey to becoming a moderately successful Performer Of Theatrical Arts.

To this end he abandoned a small yet prosperous xylophone repair company in Sicily and hopped the first paddle-steamer to England, Birmingham. In this bustling husk of the once great city of industry, David was taught the complex and beautiful arts of Dressing-Up and Pretending. It was there that he was snatched from obscurity the merry troupe of vagabonds and ruffians that made up the cast and crew of a film that was to become known as turbulence, led by the mighty and mysterious M.B. Clifford (who, rumour has it, cannot be seen without the aid of a special lens).

So Turbulence was filmed, and young David Alwyn was swept on a wave of hope and greasepaint to the futurist Dickensian nightmare of London Town.

He can now be found floating the bars of Clapham Old Town, polishing businessmen’s shoes for ha’penny pieces and waiting for the next leg of his grand adventure to begin.

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Adrian Banks – Adrian Turner

Adrian was born and raised in Banbury, Oxfordshire. After being forced into attend a Youth Drama Group by a friend at an early age, he soon realised that being center of attention was what he craved. After appearing in various amateur musicals and plays, Adrian went on to study Drama and Theatre Studies at Secondary School and then in A level before deciding to audition for Drama School at the age of 17.
Adrian trained at the NCDT accredited Birmingham School of Acting graduating in 2010.
“I was delighted to get into Birmingham as it was a Drama School which I felt really comfortable in and one that really understood the pressures of auditioning, which you just don’t get in any other Drama School. All the staff and students made the course so enjoyable. I really learnt a lot about acting and myself. “
After graduating, Adrian signed to Billboard Personal Management and landed his first lead role as Adrian Turner in Turbulence, A film which incorporated both of Adrian’s careers. Acting and Music.

As well as being a trained actor, Adrian is also the Lead Singer, Bass Player and Songwriter in Oxford band “The Scholars”


Connor Mills – Russell Shumway

Connor was born in Kingston upon Thames and raised in nearby Shepperton. Living on the Studios estate in Shepperton which backed onto Shepperton Studios, Connor found his love for the movie industry at a very early age and spent his childhood either playing football or playing on the studios elaborate sets for movies such as Robin Hood prince of thieves, Frankenstein, Evita and Judge Dredd, meeting legendary actors such as Robert De Niro, Kenneth Brannagh and Sylvester Stallone. Connor even had his earliest crush on Actress Ioni Skye after meeting her whilst she was filming Covington Cross.

“I didn’t realise what legends I was meeting as I was so young! Makes me wanna kick myself now, I should have started hustling then and dropping headshots!!”

After finishing school Connors family moved to Stratford pon Avon where Connor attended Stratford Upon Avon college to study performing arts. After finishing, Connor failed to gain entry to drama school and spent the next few years working abroad as a holiday rep before returning to try again.

In 2007 Connor gained entry to the NCDT accredited Birmingham School of Acting where he studied for 3 years, graduating with a 1st in 2010.

2010 has been a year of firsts for Connor, signing with his first agent, Global Artists, immediately after graduating. Connor also received his first movie role playing Russell Shumway in “turbulence” and gained his first stage credit as an understudy in the new Inspector Morse play ” house of ghosts”, directed by Robin Herford and written by the original series writer Alma Cullen.

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Shay O’Driscoll – Keith Hickey

My name is Shay O’Driscoll and I’m from Dublin Ireland.

For the first 21 years of my life I lived in Broadford, Ballinteer. A working class area with all my best friends living on the same street. Good times! I generally come from a sporting background having played Gaelic Football for Ballinteer St. Johns for ten years and played Basketball for South Dublin, regional team U14′s. I quit all sport when I was 17 like an idiot.

I’d been doing acting since I was 15 with the Gaiety School of Acting. However when I finished school at 18, I then went on and studied Cultural Studies at Dublin Business School which ended in complete disinterest from my part and I then returned to acting in the evenings with the Gaiety whilst working in a sports store. Then I began full-time acting training at Bull Alley Theatre Training School. After one year completed there and having loads of fun, I didn’t feel training in Ireland was for me. I wanted something bigger, so then i trained for three years in The Birmingham School of Acting.

I live in London now after having just graduated recently and doing a film like Turbulence has been one of the high lights of my life here in England. Sleeping on an air-bed for four weeks, living on humus, bread and coffee (and of course the lovely soul food provided by the Hare and Hounds), and to have worked with so many legends has been such a lucky number!

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Emma Pearce – Dillan Madison

Emma Pearce was born in Northampton and raised on blackthorn estate in a small 3 bedroom house with her 3 sisters and mum.

‘I became a little hermit. My house was always full, some of the best times I had was to lock myself in my mum’s room. I would listen to Roald Dhal and C. S. Lewis storybook for hours on end. From a very early age Emma showed a clear interest in theatre and film. Often directing and staring in improvises dramas at family gatherings, taking complete control and bossing everyone around.

‘It often ended in tears’.

At the age if 8 Emma’s mum remarried. Her step dad moved the family into a rickety old Victorian house in the center of Northampton backing onto the old racecourse. Recognising Emma’s talent her step dad sent her to Northampton Derngate youth theatre. Emma thrived at Derngate ‘It was great for me to experience being on the big stage. Derngate gave me the opportunity to delve deeper into the worlds I was so passionate about, a world which before I had never imagined existed. I was just a kid that loved to perform’. As the years past Emma’s passion for performing grew. Having received a video camera for Christmas one year Emma made an array of short films, some of which would make her parents raw with laughter.

Her knowledge of the theatre grew, being cast in such roles as lady Macbeth, Johanna (from Sweeney Todd) Dorothy and Cecily Cardew. When Emma was 19 she auditioned for Birmingham school of acting. ‘I was so thrilled I got in, Birmingham was my favorite out of all the schools I looked at’. Throughout the 3 years Emma gained the essential tools needed to take on the acting world and on graduating got the part of Dillan Madison. ‘Working on Turbulence was a great experience, its such a innovative proses. To have that amount of input on the film and script was amazing. It was very refreshing to have the freedom to create your own character and there journey. It really got your creative juices flowing and pushed our little actor brains to their limits.

It’s very rarely done but when it is it gives the film a very interesting vibe and becomes very special.’

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Sophie Waller – Rosie Beaumont

Sophie is 21 years old and was born in Nottingham and raised in Lincolnshire. From a really tender age Sophie Waller began her training with the Lincoln Theatre Royal School of Performing Arts. In addition to this and prior to going to drama school also performed in many theatres in a variety of genres including Stage, Opera, Pantomime and Musical Theatre.

At the age of 17 Sophie auditioned for BSA and in 2007 Sophie began her professional training at the NCDT accredited Birmingham School of Acting graduating in 2010. Immediately upon graduating Sophie was delighted to be signed by CAM and then thrilled to be offered the opportunity to win the role of Rosie Beaumont in her first feature film, ‘Turbulence’ with such a wonderful cast and production team. Sophie is especially grateful to Natasha Carlish and Michael Baig-Clifford for everything they have taught her and extends her thanks to the team at Aquila and all the crew for the memories that she will cherish forever.

Plans ahead for 2011 include Sophie making her London stage Debut in Anna Karenina at the Arcola Theatre from 21st March to the 16th April under the direction of Max Webster (A Dog’s Heart) and continuing her vocal training with Louise Shepherd.


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