Production Crew

Deborah Aston – Script Supervisor

Deborah is a producer and director who started working in the industry over a decade ago as a broadcast technician and gallery director before moving into production management and producing. After delivering a slate short films that found audiences worldwide through participation in 100’s of festivals and winning numerous awards Deborah started to develop feature film and documentary projects while still working freelance. Deborah was selected as a participant on the prestigious producer programme EAVE in 2009.
Deborah has just completed directing the music documentary Made In Birmingham: Reggae, Punk, Bhangra for swish Productions/Birmingham Popular Music Archive the first of a series of music documentaries and developing feature film projects that include: PARADISE BOUND a modern day buddy movie set in Liverpool, and SPINDRIFT a dramatic love story set in Ireland. Deborah has known Natasha and Michael for a number of years and is excited to be involved in their first joint feature together.


Annamaria Berentz - Assistant Producer

Annamaria Berentz studies Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster, London. She is 22 and from Budapest, Hungary where she studied theatre and acting. She moved to London to pursue her passion for film and is delighted to be working on Turbulence and with BAFTA winners Michael B Clifford and Natahsa Carlish. The experience will take her closer to her ambition to become a film director or producer and the cast and crew of Turbulance are glad to have Annamaria Berentz working with them.


Nick Fogg – 3rd Assistant Director

Nick is an experienced freelance director with a background in theatre. She has been directing (and sometimes writing) short films for the last few years, and is now working on two feature ideas. She’s always looking for opportunities to develop her experience and is excited to be working with Michael and Natasha (who’s A-Z of Short Film Production course was part of her initiation into the film world!)

Andrew Jones – Boom Operator

Andrew has been working with sound recordists as a Boom Operator so he can learn on the job. So far he has worked on a number of showreels with BCU to gain as much experience as possible. Turbulence is the first major production he’s worked on. He hopes the experienced gained by this and other productions can eventually lead to a new career as a Sound recordist.


Adam Kirtland-Leach

Adam began his career in media production just over a year ago after graduating from the University of Wolverhampton. After finishing his degree, Adam stayed in the Midlands and began work with Aquila where he began as an intern, to be later hired as a Producer / Editor. He now works with the company to produce High-End corporate video and various other forms. Adam is enjoying the challenge of working on his first feature.


Ed Moore – Director of Photography

Ed’s introduction to filmmaking came at an early age visiting sets that his father (actor Richard Moore) was working on. During his teens he worked in theatre lighting for six years and then spent a gap year in Leeds working in various Yorkshire Television departments including the lighting rental division of ProVision. While studying Film & Literature at the University of Warwick, Ed and two friends formed a production company – Fullrange – which went on to employ 15 people. Acting as DOP and frequently director on all Fullrange’s projects, Ed shot work for clients including Vodafone, Land Rover, American Express and Thomsonfly, as well as a feature-length documentary film shot in Brazil. After four years at Fullrange Ed was increasingly in demand beyond the company as a DOP and steadicam operator and he went freelance in 2009.

Since then Ed has built a reputation as a relaxed, skillful DOP working comfortably across multiple genres and styles. Recent drama work has included a short set entirely in the cramped confines of a WWII submarine; a 45 minute original comedy drama pilot with Red Dwarf creator Doug Naylor; and a feature film – “Turbulence” – currently in post production. Ed also has extensive experience in automotive shoots with a long history of work for Land Rover, Massey Ferguson and most recently Matech Ford GT, for whom he’s directed, shot and edited several glossy films including “Reborn”, a documentary filmed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2010. Amongst his commercials work, Ed’s spot for Mazuma Mobile (2009) and Chips Away (2009, 2010) proved huge successes for the clients and a series of ads for G-Tech are currently bookending the ITV primetime series “Grimefighters”.


Stuart Robinson – Camera Assistant

A recent university graduate, Stuart undertook the role as a Camera Assistant on Turbulence to gain experience and a better understanding of production process. This he gained and ten fold. He gained more knowledge on the shoot then he did during his time at university under the guidance of DOP Ed Moore. Stuart would recommend everyone on the turbulence set to work with. Everyone there had a true love for what they were doing and it made the time there very satisfying.

Stuart is now working as independent film maker. He’s currently working on several solo projects and is very excited about the year ahead. Look out for Stuarts many cameos in the film as he was called to stand in as an extra on numerous occasions.


Jay Summerville – Camera Assistant

A Birmingham based photographer and cinematographer. Born in Birmingham 1983, Jay joined the Turbulence Crew as a camera assistant to Ed Moore after returning from Thailand that month, with photography published in two US news papers as well as one British news paper for his works inside the 2010 Bangkok Red Shirt riots, he also gave a live report to ITV central news during the riots which aired as the troubles were in full swing within the city. He also had two documentary films under his belt which he filmed with Nobel Peace prize nominee Pa Lu Lu and the Burmese refugees she had been caring for over a decade at her safe house in which he stayed for two weeks. Jay joined the Crew with the ambition to work with some of the most skilled and admired film makers in the west midlands and has massive appreciation for all he learned from such people during his time on the Turbulence set.


Leah Witton – Runner

Being able to have the experience made me realize that working in the media is something I definitely want to per-sue in the future. I enjoyed working with every person and made some great friends while i was working there. All together my experience working on the Turbulence film set was amazing even though i mainly made cups of tea and coffee it was great to see behind the scenes of a feature film. I can’t to see what the final cut will look like. Special thanks to Julia and Natasha for letting me have the amazing experience.


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